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Mission Viejo Braces

Mission Viejo Braces

Why Choose Family Tree Orthodontics for Mission Viejo Braces:

If you’re looking at options for having your teeth straightened, consider our orthodontic facility for affordable options in braces. Regardless of whether you are thinking about orthodontics for yourself or for a relative, the friendly and experienced staff at our center can give answers to any inquiries you may have. While it's not an easy task to rule out facilities that may not meet your needs or fit your budget, we provide a free consultation for the purpose of furthering your research and determining whether you’re a candidate for orthodontics.

If you’re an adult thinking about braces, you should know that you’re not alone in your decision to finally take control of your bite issues. Today, more than ever, there is a growing number of adults and seniors who have been led to believe braces were for adolescents, however that’s not the case at all. We offer several options in braces for adults who may feel anxious about the appearance of metal accessories and wires. Our Invisalign treatment is one such option and the system is virtually imperceptible during daily activities.

One of the major benefits of Invisalign’s Mission Viejo braces is that patients can remove the clear aligners during eating, brushing and flossing. Provided the aligners are kept in place for an average of 23 hours per day, they will do what they were designed to do. Our patients who opt for Invisalign report that their lifestyles are minimally impacted through Invisalign treatment- and no one else knows they are having their teeth straightened.

Find out whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign treatment by scheduling your free consultation at our facility. Phone our staff at 949-768-0211 or connect over our website to set up your visit. Be sure to bring along your list of questions and concerns so that you can go over them one at a time with our staff. We’ll provide a thorough exam and discuss the results with you while determining which type of braces will best address the issues we find.

Teenagers also love the Invisalign system, in fact, our staff has noticed it is the #1 requested method of teeth straightening for youth. On occasion, bite issues and overcrowded teeth do not support the implementation of the Invisalign system, and we are proud to offer lingual braces that are hidden behind the teeth as an option for patients looking for a less visually impacting method of straightening teeth.

Feel free to visit our ‘Services’ section online to see a complete list of what we offer or contact our staff by calling 949-768-0211 with any questions. We are proud to accept most insurance plans and are able to create flexible private payment plans that reflect your budget. The last thing we want is for your payments to become a burden to you. We can discuss your payment options in detail during your consultation. At Family Tree Orthodontics, we are pleased to be a top provider of Mission Viejo braces.

Mission Viejo Braces
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Mission Viejo Braces

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