COVID-19 Safe Practice Plan at Scenic Acres Dental Centre

What Are We Doing to Keep You
& Our Team Safe?

Odorox Air Filtration by Envair | Scenic Smiles has fully Sanitized air

We have now installed 24/7 Air Sanitization In Our Practice!

The brand new Odorox Air Sanitization by Envair now filters our Air 24/7 removing COVID-19, Viruses, Bacteria and Odors!

This along with our strict COVID-19 cleanliness and disinfection protocols practiced by our team means Clean, Virus, Germ-Free and Odor Free Indoor Air in our practice for your safety and comfort. Additionally we have added enhanced HEPA Air Filtration in every treatment room and in all patient reception areas.

At Scenic Acres Dental Centre we have always prioritized the health and safety of our patients and our team and utilized personal protective equipment (PPE) that follows the recommended guidelines from

Alberta Health Service and the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA) and will closely monitor additional protocols recommended to ensure your safety. While some of the enhanced protocols are no longer required we continue to practice the highest standard of infection control and will add any enhanced measures as required should circumstances change.

Our Current COVID-19 Safety Plan

  1. All Patients are asked to stay home and encouraged to reschedule their appointment should they have any symptoms of illness.
  2. All Staff and team members are instructed to self-monitor and stay home should they display any symptoms of illness which are NOT related to preexisting conditions.
  3. We continue to run air quality and filtering units in all of our operatories as well as out lobby and admin areas.
  4. We have installed a 24/7 Odorox Air Sanitization unit in our HVAC system and continue to maintain it.
  5. All team members are wearing masks in Operatories but mask use is optional in non-treatment areas.
  6. Sneeze guards (plexiglass) or droplet barriers in our reception area.
  7. Mask use for patients is voluntary and to their discretion but we are happy to provide a mask to any who ask for one should they feel at risk.
  8. We provide a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide oral pre-rinse for all patients over 12 to minimize the risk of aerosol mediated virus transmission.
  9. We continue to use enhances operatory disinfections procedures on all surfaces between patients.
  10. Enhanced PPE products are always available for out team should the need arise.
  11. Our practice is large and the lobby space plentiful so social distancing is available should any patient request it.
  12. We will continue to provide Teledentistry for any patients who feel unsafe in public.
  13. Close monitoring of all provincial and municipal recommendations in regards to public safety and Covid-19.

Please rest assured that our plan is dynamic and will evolve as we continue to learn how to best manage your health and safety and that this section will be updated regularly and accordingly. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any question regarding your health and safety.

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