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If you are an athlete, protecting your teeth from injury is very important. One of the most common dental emergencies we encounter is due to a sports-related dental injury. At Scenic Acres Dental Centre, we are pleased to offer Sports Mouthguards.

Who Needs to Wear a Sports Mouthguard?

Whether golf is your passion, hockey is your hobby, or football is your sport of choice, custom sports guards can help protect your mouth. How? Scientifically created, custom sports mouthguards keep you from being able to clench your jaw or teeth while you’re practicing or in the middle of a game – and protects you from the risks of concussion injuries.

Male and female athletes from ages 8 and up can benefit from Custom Sports Guards. However, if you’re currently wearing braces, have missing or unrepaired teeth, or have suffered from joint pain in the past, it may not be the best option for you. Talk to one of the Dentists at Scenic Acres Dental Centre if you have any concerns about whether what is right for you.

Fitting Your Performance Sports Mouthguard

Obtaining a customized Performance Sports Mouthguard is both quick and easy, and can be done with a short appointment to the Dentist. We’ll make impressions of your teeth (top and bottom) or do a 3D scan and will also take a bite impression to ensure an optimal fit. After getting your impressions finished, we’ll call you when your sports guard is ready for you to pick up—usually around seven days from when it was ordered.

Sports Mouthguard Customization and Care

Do you have a favorite sports team, or want to honor your own team? Your Custom Sports Mouthguard can be customized with colors which you can choose. And your mouth guard is as tough as you are—for most folks, one mouthguard or mouthpiece will last an entire season, assuming you don’t chew on it or have some sort of drastic changes to your teeth or jaw in the interim.

Cleaning your Sports Mouthguard is easy and can be done with the same products you use to clean your teeth. Ask your hygienist or the staff at Scenic Acres Dental Centre for additional information about the best way to keep your Sports Mouthguard clean.

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To learn more about Sports Mouthguards, we invite you to contact our office for a consultation appointment.

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