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Do You Need To See a Dentist Today?

At Scenic Acres Dental Centre, we are pleased to offer our patients (and non-patients) our NW Calgary Emergency Dentistry services. Our Dental Team are available to help you with any emergency dentistry issues you may be experiencing. A lot of times patients ask us, what is considered an emergency, and what is not? Dentists follow this as a rule-  they consider any situation in which you are experiencing pain or discomfort should be treated as a dental emergency and requires immediate attention.

When Do I Need to See A Dentist?

If you are experiencing pain from a sudden or a lingering toothache, a fractured or knocked-out tooth, or an accident that involves the teeth and/or jaw you should be seen and treated by an emergency dentist immediately.

I am not a Regular Patient. Am I Still Welcome?

The short answer is Yes! We welcome ALL emergency patients whether they are a patient of record of ours or not.

At Scenic Acres Dental Centre, we reserve time in our daily schedule for dental emergencies and will accommodate both existing patients and those that are unable to see their regular dentist promptly.

When you call us, we will provide you with assistance over the phone and advise you on how to remain as comfortable as possible until you can be seen by one of our dentists.

The Following Are The Most Common Reasons For patients To Call us for NW Calgary Emergency Dentistry Services:

  • Have you had a tooth knocked out?
  • Do you have a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth?
  • Have you bitten your lip or tongue?
  • Do you have a loose tooth
  • Are you experiencing an infection, or do you have an abscessed tooth or gums?
  • Are you suffering a toothache?
  • Do you have a loose restoration, such as a dental crown, filling or bridge?
  • Have you recently had dental work done and are now experiencing pain or discomfort?

Learn More About our NW Calgary Emergency Dental Services

The Dental Team at Scenic Acres Dental Centre recommends that if you think you are experiencing a dental emergency to call our dental team right away at (403) 233-6825. They will then do their very best to ensure that you are seen by one of our dentists as soon as possible. So please contact us to schedule your NW Calgary Emergency Dentistry appointment.

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