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For the best NW Calgary children's dentist, you can count on our team at Scenic Acres Dental Centre. As a proud pediatric dentist in Calgary, we offer family friendly services that are directly designed to cater to the needs of children. At our top of the line facility, we believe that establishing good dental habits at an early age can make a huge impact on the future of a person's dental health.

By promoting smart and healthy dental habits to children, we can help increase the longevity of their smiles. Many children can be fearful about seeing a dentist or have anxiety that is stressful for them, which is why our clinic provides a relaxing environment that kids will warm up to right away. Parents often aren't aware of the fact that tooth decay is the most chronic childhood dental condition that can easily be avoided through the services of our professional Calgary NW children's dentist office.

Promoting Healthy Dental Habits to Children of All Ages

Our children's dental health centre promotes healthy dental habits for children of all ages through friendly and fun interaction. The Canadian Dental Association highly recommends that children see a professional dentist within six months of their first tooth eruption or at the age of one year. After a child's first dental checkup, parents are suggested to make an appointment with our team at Scenic Acres Dental Centre for their children at least every six months.

When looking for dental care for children in Calgary, our team at Scenic Acres Dental Centre is the best choice because we provide a comprehensive first dental appointment for kids. Our dental professionals use fun games and techniques to introduce dental tools to the children to make them feel more comfortable.

Identifying Problem Areas

As a highly rated children's dentistry in Calgary, our team at Scenic Acres Dental Centre pinpoint problem areas children experience and address the issues right away. Routine preventative care can prevent deterioration in the smile of your children, which can save you tons of money in dental care in the future.

Using white fillings, we can make sure that your child's smile stays in tip top shape. Fluoride treatments are recommended for children under the age of twelve to improve the overall strength of teeth. We believe that by making dental visits fun for kids at an early age, we can ease the anxiety and stress that comes along with going to the dentist. Plus, we will implement positive dental habits that can provide long term benefits.

Children's Dental Clinic in Calgary NW AB

With early dental treatments, our team of dental professionals can pinpoint issues that otherwise might be looked over, such as poor nutritional intake. The dental health of an individual can say a lot about the state of their overall health. We can also identify an improper bite so we can take the proper measures to rectify the issue early on. It is our main goal to provide superior dental care for children that promotes lifelong habits.

NW Calgary Children's Dentist

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NW Calgary Children's Dentist